Jordanne Weinstein
Maui, Hawaii, United States

Please email me if you have interest in purchasing a painting that is not on my website, or in having a custom painting made.

My goal is to convey the poetry of Hawaii. I am inspired to paint moments and capture them with passion and spontaneity. I also wish for the viewer to have a deep, personal connection within their own memories of their experiences of, and from, the Hawaiian Islands.

My paintings are derived mostly from plein air (painting on site), where I can let both the physical and visual stimulation design the composition, energy and poetry of each painting.

Originally I am from Long Island, New York. Now, from one island to another, I have made Hawaii my home for over 13 years. I continue to search within my process to push and pull away the paint to create a strength in each painting I do. I have been a self-sustained, successful artist ever since.

I am currently working with the impasto technique and creating strong yet feminine brushstrokes while maintaining a large amount of paint on the surface of the canvas.

Of course, I continue to paint whatever I am inspired by in Maui and the other islands during my usual days of living in Maui!

I welcome commissions, as well as group and wedding unique amenities.

Thank you for visiting my website.

Jordanne Weinstein (top) at her gallery & studio in Makawao, Maui, HI.

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