Since pulling her bag off the conveyor belt at the local airport in 2002 in Lana’i, Hawaii, Jordanne chose to follow her passion to be a oil painter full-time and after one year, she was able to fulfill her goal. In 2003, Jordanne was a self-sustained plein-air artist creating original artwork for everyone who shares her passion for and vision of Hawaii. Now, in 2012, her winning portfolio of over 10,000 paintings sold, features Hawaiian and European landscapes, still-life of orchid and bouquet arrangements, gold-leaf pineapples, murals and commissions.

Before coming to Lana’i, and now Maui, Jordanne studied at The College of Saint Rose and received a BFA in Graphic Design. She interned with Milton Glaser (who created the I LOVE NY logo) in NYC, and studied with Maestro Silvano Campeggi (who illustrated movie posters such as Casablanca, Gone With The Wind and GiGi) in Florence, Italy. Jordanne continues to refine her skills and has attended workshops with local, national and internationally-recognized artists.

She continues to work with mentors, and has recently — for the second time — studied and painted with Andrew Petrov in France and in Giverny (Monet’s Garden.) This has created a sense of uniqueness both to her palette and brush strokes.

From 2002-2009, Jordanne lived on Lana’i exclusively. In 2006, Jordanne opened her first Studio/Gallery by saving a historic 1930’s gas station in Lana’i from being torn down, by renovating the inside and then painting a building-wide mural that depicts an artist’s journey of Lana’i. From 2003-2012, Jordanne has showcased her work for the guests at both Four Seasons Resorts Lana’i, in the Artist-In-Residence program. In 2010, she opened her second Gallery in Makawao, Maui.

Now, in 2015, Jordanne Gallery has been opened for 5 years and Jordanne has focused on creating new pieces everyday.

Jordanne works mostly in Plein-Air (painting in the open air.) Her mediums of choice are oils, acrylic with gold leaf and watercolor. Jordanne is known for her paintings of Hawaiian landscapes, plantation homes, bouquet arrangements and signature gold-leaf pineapple paintings. She is now focusing on capturing the poetry of the moment that she chooses to paint, sometimes using glazing techniques and multiple-level paintings such as Monet used for his water lilies. This creates a texture and color that can only be achieved in process paintings. Her work continues to evoke a sense of uniqueness both within her palette and brushstrokes.

Jordanne has been written about in publications such as Travel and Leisure magazine (2009–2010), HoloHolo Island Air Magazine (2008), Maui Arts and Culture (2008) and Art Guide Maui (2006–2010), Southwest Art Magazine, and Numerous Chinese and Japanese books.

Lastly, Jordanne has been commissioned to produce work for prominent private collectors throughout the world. She has also been commissioned by Nike, Maritz, Four Seasons, EMD Serono, Inc, The Wellington Group, BCD Meetings and Incentives, Mary Kay and Associates, Astrellas Pharma, JP Morgan and Chase, Lexus, Merck, Cisco Systems and Boeing for group amenity paintings of original oils, watercolors, gold-leaf pineapples, prints and notecards.

You may find Jordanne painting anywhere from the beaches to upcountry in Maui! Please feel free to say hello.