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"Baby Lavender," Provence, Original OilSold

"Beach Lookout," 24.5" x 30.5" OilSold

"Provence Countryside," Original Oil, 11X14Sold

Green Turtle, 8"x10" #39/50Sold

Honu in Green Blue, 14"x16" #43/50 Acrylic w/Gold LeafSold

Kapalua Bay, Framed 40"x60"Sold

Pineapple in Red, Framed 14"x16"
Acrylic with Gold LeafSold

Honu in Turquoise, 14"x16" #44/50 Acrylic w/Gold LeafSold

Maui Sunset, 38.5" x 56.5" OilSold

Pineapple in Baby Blue, Framed: 14"x16"Sold

Upcountry Colors, 12" x 16" OilSold

"Honu in Blue Ocean," Framed 15"x17"Sold

Beach Day, Framed 13"x13" OilSold

Maui Beach Walk, Framed 17" x 21"Sold

Pineapple in Bright Green, Framed: 14"x16"Sold

Pineapple in Lime, Framed 12"x14"
Acrylic with Gold Leaf

Upcountry Life, 12" x 16" OilSold

Wailea UmbrellasSold

Northshore, 11"x14," OilSold

Romance, Framed 13"x13" OilSold

Upcountry View, 16" x 19" OilSold

Wailea Beach Umbrellas, 25" x 31" OilSold

White Birds Of Paradise, Framed 15"x15"Sold

Kapalua, 12"x14" OilSold

Makena, 12"x14" OilSold

Mama's Tree, Framed 14"x14" OilSold

Paia Shoreline, 8.5"x8.5"Sold

Upcountry Hills, Framed 14"x16"Sold

"DT Fleming Beach," Framed 14"x16"Sold

"Paia Town," 13.5"x13.5" OilSold

"Tuscan Vineyard," Original Oil on PaperSold

Beach Vista, Framed 14"x16"Sold

Charley Young Beach Day, 8.5"x8.5"Sold

Gardener in Greens and Blues, Framed 17"x21" OilSold

Gardener in the Sun, 8"x10" OilSold

Mr. Suave, 8"x10," OilSold

Pineapple in Tuscan Red, 17.5"x20.5"Sold

"Kihei Beach Vista," Framed 25"x31"Sold

Gardener w/ White Shirt, Framed 14"x16," OilSold

Ke'anae Church, 12" x 15"Sold

Lana'i Gardener, Framed 40"X50" Oil

Pineapple in Passion, Framed 15"x17"
Acrylic with Gold Leaf

Sunset Gardener, Framed 32"x32" OilSold

"Tuscan Castle," Original Oil on PaperSold

Gardener w/ Red Shirt, 9"x12," OilSold

Looking Up Palm, 16.5" x 19.5" OilSold

Pineapple in Ocean, Framed 17.5"x20.5"
Acrylic with Gold Leaf

Wailea Beach Abstract, Framed 13"x15"Sold

"Mama's Boat," 13.5"x13.5" OilSold

Beach Day, Framed 13"x15"Sold

Gardener, Framed 19"x23"Sold

Hula Dancer, 11"x11" OilSold

Pineapple In Silver, Framed 18"x22"
Acrylic with Gold Leaf

"Old Hawaii," Framed 12"x14"Sold

"Provence Shutters," Original on Oil, 11X14Sold

Gardener in Soft Hue, 12"x14" OilSold

Makena Shore, 8"x8," OilSold

Palm, Framed 16"x19"Sold

Upcountry Mood, Framed 32"x38"Sold

White Orchids With Dragon Vase, 23" x 27" OilSold

"Maui Beach Day," Framed 12"x14"Sold

"Streets of Provence," Oil on Canvas, 11X14Sold

Mr. White, Sold

Yellow Hat, 18.5"x22.5" OilSold

Four Seasons Beach Day, Framed 13"x15"Sold

Mr. Royal, 13.5"x13.5" OilSold

Upcountry Relaxing, Framed 18"x18" OilSold

Beach Lookout Lahaina Side, 15"x18"Sold

Feeling Old Hawaii, Paia, Framed 19"x23"Sold

Mama's Sunset, Framed 20"x20" OilSold

Mr. Roost, 13.5"x13.5" OilSold

Beach Clouds, Framed 19"x31"Sold

Mama's Experience, Framed 17"x20," OilSold

Mr. Sunshine, 13.5"x13.5" OilSold

Upcountry Polo Field, Framed 12"x14"Sold

"HULA DANCERS," 8"x10"Sold

"Mr. Crossing the Road," 11.5"x13.5" OilSold

"West Maui Mountain with Palms," Framed 12"x14"Sold

Bamboo Forest, 29.5"x41.5" OilSold

Blue Hat, 18.5"x22.5" OilSold

Paia Airport Road, Framed 12"x14"Sold

"ROOSTER," 6"x8"Sold

Mr. Strut My Stuff, Framed 14"x16" OilSold

Mr. Yellow Stripe, 11.5"x13.5" OilSold

Upcountry Vista, 14"x16"Sold

Gardener In Gold, 15"x17" OilSold

Sugar in Bloom, Framed 18"x22"Sold

Upcountry Blue, Framed 31"x37"Sold

Upcountry, Framed 11"x13"Sold

Beach Beauty, 31" x 65" FramedSold

Hula Girl, 15"x15" OilSold

Maui Coast, Framed 14"x14", OilSold

Palms in Sunset, Framed 17"x20"Sold

Upcountry Pines, Framed 13.5"x13.5" OilSold

Upcountry Sunset, 12"x14," OilSold

Palms, Framed 20" x 28"Sold

"Upcountry Drive," 38.5"x56.5" OilSold

Green Flash, 24"x24," OilSold

Keanai View, 18"x22" OilSold

Moonrise, Framed 25"x25" OilSold

Ocean Rocks, 14"x16" OilSold

Palm, Framed 11"x13"Sold

Surfer, 15"x15" FramedSold

Wailea In Blues, 42"x42" OilSold

Secret Cove, 17"x20" OilSold

Upcountry Layers, 13.5"x13.5" FramedSold

Northshore Perfection, 38"x56"Sold

Paia Vista, Framed 18"x22" OilSold

Sunrise Sunset, 19"x19" OilSold

Paia Vision, Unframed 22"x28" Oil Sold

Palm, 28"x28" OilSold

Secret Beach, 44"x44" OilSold

Kihei Beach View, 18"x22" OilSold

Kiawe Vista, Framed 24"x28" OilSold

Looking Up In Red, Framed 13"x15"Sold

Orange Hat, 14" x 16" OilSold

Looking Up In Gold, Framed 13"x15"Sold

Mr. White Feathers, 14" x 16" OilSold

Beach Shack, 17" x 20" OilSold

Cock A Doodle Doo, 14"x14"Sold

Upcountry Cruising, Framed 16"x16" OilSold

Lahaina Breeze, 17.5"x20.5" OilSold

Mr. Wyandotte, 14"x16" OilSold

Sugar and Water, Framed 40"x50," Acrylic w/ Sugar CaneSold

Gardener in Tuscan, 29.5" x 35.5" OilSold

Hula Dancer in Red, 17"x20"Sold

Kihei Beach Day, 22"x28" OilSold

Wailea Sunset, 19"x23"Sold

Fairmont Beach Vista,18x24Sold

Lahaina Drive, 14"x16"Sold

Honu in Greens, 14"x16" #48/50 Acrylic w/Gold LeafSold